Well things happened……

Well I be damned. My game died (literally). PSO2SEA died on me.

No, not the server (HA! This is to SEA haters). It’s my game launcher. Apparently, I accidentally deleted some (welllll, a lot) essential files. So yea, that’s dumb I guess. I will update this post as things progresses.

Well things happened……

Thus dailylifeinpso2 is born!

Hey! Yea you! Welcome to my blog 

(or website or whatever you call it)

         This is where I document (really? ‘document’?) things that happens in my life on PSO2 (abbreviated from the name Phantasy Star Online 2)

What‘s Phantasy Star Online 2 eh? Well in short, it’s a Japanese MMORPG made by SEGA. (Yes, the publishers of Sonic games.) Hang on! Before you go ‘Why would you want to write a blog about a game?’ on me, let me say that it’s my hobby. Really.(Yes, I’m a gamer.)

There are some moments in this game that are hilarious, and this blog is to help me capture those moments. From minuscule things that may not be funny to things that are actually funny, the role of this blog is to just save all this moments.

Well then, since this is my first post ( I never blogged before by the way), I’ll say go download PSO2 (JP or SEA, it’s up to you) and look for me on Ship 1 (JP) or Ship 2 (SEA). Of course that is if you want to. 🙂

Ah oops, looks like it’s time for an event in the game. Smell ya later. 😀

Thus dailylifeinpso2 is born!